River Wall Construction Notice - Businesses

                                                  August 28, 2017

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River Wall Construction Notice – Businesses

The River Wall project for this year has been reduced to replacing the one river wall section that would be needed for the dock system to be installed (a map is available here).  The joint repairs, riprap placement work on the remaining wall and the dumpster pad installation will be re-bid in 2018. 

The Downtown River Wall project will be starting on Sept. 11, 2017 and will take roughly 10 weeks to complete, depending on weather.  The River Wall alley will be closed off across the St John Park area.  The rest of the alley will be open to traffic. See the attached Traffic Control plan sheet.

If you need to get to the area east of St. John’s Park you would enter from the Pearl Street entrance and to leave you would turn around in a parking stall.  For traffic on the west side of St. John’s Park, you would enter off from North Water near State Street and to leave you turn around using a parking stall near St. John’s Park. The City is in contact with Graichen Sanitation regarding the garbage pick-up for the ally.  We will work with Graichen to get the garbage picked up. 

We ask that you inform your vendors that make deliveries in the alley of the construction and alley closure.  There will not be enough room in the alley to turn around delivery trucks.   The vendors can do their deliveries from North Water Street without being ticketed for double parking while the alley is closed.

The parking stalls East of St. Johns Park will be closed during the construction period due to the space that the contractor will need to work on the wall as that section of wall will be taken out and replaced.    The City will try to assist with parking for tenants that park in the affected parking stalls.  We will reserve some of the parking stalls in St. John’s parking lot for the tenants.  We will be contacting tenants so they may get a parking permit for the St. Johns Park parking area.  We will also inform the Police, so they don’t ticket these vehicles.

If you have any questions or concerns about the River Wall Project, please call the Public Works Department at 982-8503.