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Click here for the Road Closure Map

Yesterday the Beacon Ave./ Montgomery St. intersection was paved, this morning everything looked good so the intersection was opened again for normal traffic. 

Due to delays in contractor schedules, this morning we were informed that curb and gutter installation is expected in the next few days with asphalt installation of the Beacon/Montgomery intersection to occur on Thursday or Friday of this week.

As of this point in time we've been told that the paving contractor plans on asphalt paving the Beacon/Montgomery intersection on Monday Oct nth (hopefully mother nature cooperates with us). If everything looks good after that paving, we should open up that intersection to traffic the following day.

The contractor just notified the city that the start date to this project has been pushed back to Thursday October the.

On Monday October 1st the contractor will begin work for reconstructing the sanitary sewer lift station located at the intersection of Beacon Avenue and Montgomery Street.  At that time access to this intersection will be restricted.  The project is anticipated to take 2-3 weeks to complete.  Click the link above to see the Road Closure Map.

Starting around mid-late September, the City of New London will be reconstructing the sanitary sewer lift station which is located in the right-of-way just north of the Beacon Avenue / Montgomery Street intersection.  The project includes removing and replacing old equipment which will require digging around the equipment.  The excavation hole will need to be large enough that it will encompass part of the road and will require the street to be closed at this intersection.  Road closed signs will be placed just west of the Rail Road tracks on Beacon Street and another will be placed just south of the intersection on Montgomery Street.  Residents
 who live in the Beacon Avenue Cottages will be able to access their property from the west on Beacon Avenue.  People who live on Montgomery Street and others who want to access Memorial Park will need to come from the south via High Street.  Residents on East Beacon and Woodlane Drive will be provided a single lane access at that intersection along the construction site to access their properties. Please click on the Road Closure Map link above for more information.