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The contractors are finishing up the repairs to the River wall project. Those vehicles displaced by the construction can once again park in their private parking stalls in the alley. We thank you for your cooperation and patience during these repairs.

Click here for a progress update report from our Engineer.

We've just been told that the asphalt contractor has been delayed and plans on paving the areas in the river alley mid to late this week.

The contractor performing the river wall repairs are finishing up their work.  They are believed to be cleaned up in the next few days.  We anticipate the asphalt contractor will be in tomorrow (Thursday, August 23rd) to patch in the areas where asphalt was removed.  If everything goes as planned we should have the alley back open for normal operations by the end of this week.  Thank you to everyone for your patience as we complete this project!

Click here for a progress update report from our Engineer.

Our contractor has provided us notification that the sewer lateral work on North Water Street will be delayed until Thursday, July 26th and Friday July 27th.  During the daytime on these two days, thru traffic on North Water Street will be closed in these areas (adjacent to St. Johns Park and Taft Park).  Traffic will still be able to access downtown business from the west or east, but again will not be allowed to drive though the entire stretch of North Water Street from Shawano Street to Pearl Street.  The work zones and closures will only be set up during the work day and the street will be opened back up for evening and nighttime traffic.

Part of this downtown river wall project is to connect two new sewer lateral to the sewer main on North Water Street.  This will be in the area of St. John's Park and Taft Park.  During this work North Water Street will be closed off in these work zone.  Vehicles and pedestrians will still be allowed access to downtown business from either side of the work zone. We've just been notified that the contractor is planning on beginning this work on Thursday or Friday (July19 or 20th) of this week.  The work is anticipated to take 2 days to complete. 

We just received word from our contractor that they are running a little bit behind schedule due to additional work from a project they are finishing up.  The contractor plans on mobilizing equipment and supplies on Monday, July 9th and starting repairs as soon as they are ready to proceed. 


Starting the week of July 9th, the City's contractor will begin working on "Phase 2" of the Downtown River Wall Repair Project.  This phase will encompass spot repairs along much of the entire stretch of the wall, some storm sewer outfall replacement, new dumpster pads, as well as a new bike rack which will be installed at St John's Park.  Travel is expected to be limited during times of the project as the alley will need to be closed down in sections for much of the work.  The contractor will attempt to allow access to the back of business in the areas where repairs are not being made, however be aware that large equipment and work zones will be placed throughout the entire alley, so we ask that property owners make all attempts to have deliveries sent to the front of the buildings.  Individuals who have parking stalls in the alley east of St. John's Park will once again be assigned parking stalls in St. John's Park and Anchor Park (like last year during "Phase 1") starting July 5th as the contractor plans on staging equipment and supplies in this area on that day.  
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