2019 Cedar Street and Northridge Drive Street Construction Projects

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We have just been notified from the contractor of an updated schedule for the Cedar Street/Northridge Drive street improvement project (weather pending):

  • Wednesday, August 21st the contractor will mill and pulverize the streets in the project zone.  They will take the rest of the week to adjust manhole covers and perform grading of the stone/base material.
  • Monday, August 26th the contractor will pave the lower level of asphalt in the project zone.
  • In the last week in August and the first week in September a concrete contractor will perform spot curb and gutter repair along with some driveway apron improvements.
  • After the concrete work is done, the asphalt contractor will come back and pave the top layer of asphalt in the project zone.


The City of New London will be completing utility and street improvements on Cedar Street and Northridge Drive starting in July of 2019.  The project includes spot repair of some sanitary and storm sewer pipes, spot repair of curb and gutter, replacement of driveway aprons and resurfacing of the street.  Utility and concrete spot repair is anticipated to begin the week of July 29th (weather and other factors permitting).  Shortly after, street asphalt will be pulverized and eventually repaved.  Property owners in this work zone will be notified in advance of driveway apron replacement so they can remove their vehicles.  It is anticipated that these driveway aprons will need about 7 days to fully cure before residents can drive on them again.  

Click here to see a map of the project zone.

Project updates and any detour routes during the project will be posted on this site.