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7-12-19:  The City of New London will be extending water and sewer service along Klatt Road from New London High School to a new development planned just south of the Klatt Road/Pine Ridge Drive intersection.  The utility extension will be placed in the ditch along the south side of Klatt Road.  This work is anticipated to being the week of July 15, 2019 and take about a month to complete (weather permitting).  During this time Klatt Road will be closed off during construction, local residents will need to take a detour route to Jennings Street during the construction.   Click here to see a map of the extension.  

7-16-19:  Today we've been informed that the contractor will begin this utility extension work on Wednesday July 16th.  The contractor has indicated that during times of construction (around 7am -5pm) they will have the street closed off to vehicle traffic but the street should be open during the times they are not working.