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Capturing History: Preserve History as it Happens
Writing Project and Contest

Since many families are confined to their homes due to the Coronavirus, the New London Public Museum is reaching out to those of all ages in the community to write about their experiences. All entries will be included in a random drawing and three entries will be drawn to receive $50 each. For consideration, entries must be received by June 7, 2020. The drawing will be held June 8, 2020. Entries received after that date will be in included in the collection but will not be eligible for the drawing. All entries should include the name of the person, email, and mailing address. The preferred method of receiving information is email museum@newlondonwi.org. You can also mail your entry to New London Public Museum 406 S Pearl St. New London, WI 54961.

We’re looking for written experiences about how everyday life has changed. People of all ages are encouraged to sit down at their computer or with pen-in-hand and describe this new way of life.

It’s important to record for future generations what it is like to face a potential health threat, the inability to experience actual face time with family and friends, and loss of normal activities. Online learning/teaching, working from home, loss of employment, reduced access to food and household staples these are all topics that could be covered. Be creative. We would also like to know what high school seniors are thinking about graduation, the senior prom and other missed high school activities.

This is a historic time; one that will be remembered for years to come and we need to record how the people of New London area lived through it. Parents are encouraged to help younger children put their thoughts and concerns in writing. Poems, short statements, stories, lists etc. will all be accepted. It does not need to be long and involved. Just a glimpse into how you handled the pandemic of 2020.

There are no age restrictions and we will be accepting comments from the youngest child to the oldest adult throughout the New London area. All of the information will be compiled into a single historic record and included in the New London Public Museum’s permanent collection. All information submitted will become the property of the Museum and will be available for public viewing.