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DSCN Passenger Pigeons exhibit with three specimens of extinct birds as well as artwork inspired by the species.Main Exhibits

Journey through time and nature as you stroll around the museum’s exhibits. From rocks and minerals to birds and animals, our Natural History section is full of specimens, including some you will never see in the wild.

Interested in the people of our area, start by exploring the First Nations of Wisconsin from Paleo-Indian to our Modern Nations, then move through time and learn about the history of New London in our Local and Military History sections.

      DSCN First Nations exhibit with hands-on Clan Mask area and food resources case

Temporary Exhibits

Open through Jan. 11, 2018 Carr & Dayton: The Making of NLPM:Celebrate the 100th Birthday of NLPM! Discover more about the influential men and women that started the New London Public Museum, one of only five public museums in the state!

A Century of History: 1917-2017: The museum has been part of New London since 1917. Through generous donations of artifacts, photographs and other archival materials we have evidence of major events throughout history as well as the everyday lives of our community. We invite you to visit the local history section and discover more about the last 100 years of New London history. "Christmas in 1917" display will open Nov. 27.

New London & World War I  Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of US involvement in the “war to end all wars.”

Nov. 27. 2017- Jan. 26, 2018 Mr. Beach's Santas: A display of Santas in the hallwway exhibit case