Department Directory

  Algiers, Thomas School Resource Officer - Part Time
  Curtis, Luke Patrol
  Dearth, Chris School Resource Officer
  Denu, Ryan Patrol
  Elliott, Stephen School Resource Officer - Part Time
  Erickson, Brody Patrol
  Gloe, Ryan Patrol
  Gregory, Christopher Captain and SWAT Team
  Harlow, Mike  Patrol and SWAT Team
  Johnson, Cheri Patrol
  Kamba, Nick Patrol, Firearms Instructor, SWAT Team, MEG Unit
  Mulroy, Jeremy Patrol and FTO
  Ruckdashel, Earl Day Staff Sergeant and DAAT Instructor
  Sarazin, Todd Night Staff Sergeant and SWAT Team
  Schlueter, Jeff Chief
  Schmidt, Ben Patrol, Firearms Instructor, SWAT Team
  Schroeder, Chase  Detective
  Seavecki, Brent Patrol
  Wilson, Josh Night Staff Sergeant and ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children)

   Gorman, Lisa  Full-Time Dispatcher 
   Martins, Cathy Part-Time Dispatcher
   Merrill, Kirk Part-Time Dispatcher 
   Taylor, Lisa Full-Time Dispatcher

Administrative Staff:
   Bosquez, Ashley  

Community Service Officer:
   Not Currently Filled