Current Opportunities

Reason for Announcement: Fill Vacancy Full-time 

Responsibilities: Working as a team member to enforce laws of the State of WI and the City of New London, protecting life, property, and being involved in community-orientated policing. 

Salary: $54,614 - $66,383 per year. Salary dependent on qualifications. 

Benefits: Wisconsin retirement fund; Health insurance; Life insurance; Sick leave; Dental; Paid holidays - 10; Clothing allowance; Longevity pay; Deferred compensation; Vacation; 5-5 schedule 11hr shifts, shift premium, OIC pay, 1 personal day

Qualifications: U.S. citizen; Minimum age - 21; Driver license; Good driving record; Good physical condition; Eligibility for Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Certification; High school diploma; 60 college credits; Ability to possess a firearm; No felony convictions; No domestic abuse convictions; Vision correctable to 20/20; Good verbal and written communication skills; React quickly and effectively to stressful situations; Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays; Knowledge and skills in operating computer systems; Clear and concise speech; Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously; Ability to perform essential functions of this position; Ability to use all standard law enforcement equipment. 

Apply By: 12:00 PM, 1/24/2020
Submit: DJ-LE-330, Resume
Contact: Chief of Police Jeffrey Schlueter New London PD 700 Shiocton St New London, WI 54961
Phone: (920) 982-8505 Fax: (920) 982-8554
Email: jschlueter@newlondonwi.gov

Notes: Written exam; Oral interviews; Psychological profile; Polygraph examination; Medical examination; Vision examination; Drug screening; Background investigation; Physical fitness/agility screening; Residency required; 15 mile residency required.




Patrol Officer

Staff Sergeant

Assistant Chief of Police / Captain

Chief of Police


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Intern Position

There are no current positions open at this time.

The New London Police Department works with college students interested in doing a summer internship.  The interns get involved in doing Ride-A-Longs, projects for the Police Department, and become familiar with all duties of a law enforcement officer.

If you are interested in doing an Internship please contact the New London Police Department at 920-982-8505.


The New London Police Department has a ride along program that allows people interested in law enforcement to have that opportunity to shadow an officer for a day.  We also work closely with Fox Valley Technical College Ride-A-Long program offering Police Science students an opportunity to ride along with our agency.

If you are interested in doing a Ride-A-Long please contact the New London Police Department at 920-982-8505. Everyone doing a Ride-A-Long must sign a waiver or if you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

The City of New London, Wisconsin, is an equal opportunity employer, valuing diversity at all levels of its workforce.