2018 Division Street Project

Public Information Meeting - Handout
Public Information Meeting - Notes
Public Information Meeting - Power Point Presentation (in PDF)

Update 3-3-17

OMNNI Engineering continues to work on the Division Street project. Soil borings are planned for some time in April to determine the current pavement thickness, road stone thickness and the condition of the sub base material. This will be used to determine the required base course (Stone thickness) for this project. On February 23rd, two OMNNI Engineering representatives, the Waupaca
County Highway Department Commissioner and I put on a Public Information meeting for the Division Street project. OMNNI did a short presentation and we answered questions about the project as residents reviewed the street layout done by OMNNI. OMNNI provided a comment sheet for residents to fill out and they put together the meeting notes.

For information on additional projects check out the Director's memo.