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Charles Carr started the New London Public Museum in 1917 with a donation of money and his large collection of natural history items. This collection included, minerals, rocks, shells, animals and birds. For almost 100 years, people have added to this collection. Currently, NLPM has around 200 birds in our collection. Typically, over 130 are on display year round. 

Most of the birds, like this roadrunner, are close to or over 100 years old. Their feathers have faded and become dusty, their mounts have drooped and their value in our community’s eyes has diminished. Over time, their stories have been forgotten and their glory lost. 


You can help us bring back some of their former glory! You can make sure that generations to come will be able to learn from these lovely creatures! You can restore their purpose! You can help us save the birds! Sponsor a bird for restoration through the NLPM Save the Birds fundraising campaign! See what the restored roadrunner looks like, now!

roadrunner after restoration


What we do with the money?

Professionally clean each bird

Restore damage  

Build new and more natural mounts                                                                                                            
Purchase storage material to keep the birds safe          

Create a better digital record of the bird’s history

Design safe and educational exhibits
  Ways to Donate

    Visit the Museum and contribute what you can as                   often as you can to our Feather Funds donation box
    Contact the Museum and become a Save the Birds               Sponsor
               $75   for a Songbird
               $100 for Wetlands Bird, Duck, or Prairie Bird
               $150 for a Raptor or Owl


 For More information email Christine