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Wooden board in the shape of the state of Wisconsin. Blue, red, black and white painted decoration on the surface including lettering that reads "Amercian Plywood Corporation, New London. . .Wisconsin, New Londoner Hollow Core Doors, Plywood And Veneer, Store Fixtures. . .Equipment. . .Products of Recognized Quality. . .See New Londoner Hollow Core Construction Section Under Calendar Pad". Small panel cut out of the surface near the bottom and divided into four compartments, illustrating the hollow core door construction. Presumably there was a calendar attached to the surface at one point.
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Frank Zaug started the American Plywood Corporation in 1919. The company made hollow-core doors, veneer, store fixtures and equipment. The business expanded to include plants in Oconto, Wisconsin and Alabama.

In 1939, the company started making plywood houses. They made both interior finished walls and exterior walls to be covered with siding, brick or stone. The walls were made of special bonded plywood stuck to the interior studding by hot plate pressing. This made the use of nails unnecessary. The first plywood home built in New London is located near the corner of Jefferson and Warren Streets. Frank Zaug sold the company in 1952.
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