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Edison Wood Products- Biekkola, Lee
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The 1928 wholesale catalog has two covers in the front, the first of which is in shades of brown on card stock with blue lettering and detail. In the center is a circular design, filled with yellow color in which is printed "EDISON WOOD PRODUCTS (blue), TRADEMARK and NEW LONDON, WISCONSIN U.S.A. (grey). Handwritten in pen is 1928 in the lower right corner along with blue print which reads "TOY AND JUVENILE FURNITURE". The inner cover is the same design in light blue and white with black lettering "JULY, 1928 CATALOG". The back cover is brown with no lettering.

The inside of the catalog features 16 pages of product photos of juvenile furniture on black backgrounds. Text in black print describes the piece, how it is packed and its shipping weight. The top and bottom of each page is bordered by a light blue double line with looped finials at each end. On the bottom the line is interrupted by a light blue version of an Edison Wood Products, Inc. logo.
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By the late 1920s, phonograph sales were down due in large part to the widespread availibity and popularity of the radio. In 1928, Edison Wood Products switched from making phonograph cabinets to making furniture. They specialized in furniture for children. From this point on until the factory closed in 2005, they made furniture for children including cribs, highchairs, dressers and a large variety of other items.
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