New Leaf Pickup Procedures

 In the past we asked residents to place their leaves on top of the curb and we used a leaf vacuum system to pick up those leaves.  Collecting leaves with that system was a very slow process.  Many times sticks would plug up the vacuum hoses and if conditions were wet or even a bit frozen, the vacuum did not suck up the leaves very well at all.  It was also a little bit dangerous as there was a large pipe that ran from the front mounted vacuum, up and into the front of the box of the dump truck which obstructed the view of the driver.  Our new process uses a product called “Tink Claws” to collect the leaves.  Here’s a You Tube video showing that process.  This new procedure only works by collecting leaves in the street, so this is why we are now asking residents to place their leaves in the street along the curb line instead of on top of the curb. This new process is much quicker in collecting the bulk of the leaves and transporting them to our dump site.  In the past with the vacuum system, the driver would need to disconnect the front mounted vacuum from the truck, transport the leaves to the dump site, then return to the street and reconnect the vacuum.  That process alone took up to 40 minutes to complete and would have to be done many times a day if the leaf piles were thick.  The new procedure cuts out the disconnection and reconnection of the vacuum every time the truck needs to be dumped saving us time.  The difference at this point with the new procedure (and this is where the questions have come up) is that because the curbs and streets are not perfectly level, a percentage of leaves do squeak out under these Tink Claws as they are running the claw down the street.  Residents have called and commented that our crews have not picked up ALL the leaves as they came through.  We understand this as the full process requires our street sweeper to come by and pick up what the Tink Claws have left behind.  The street sweeper runs at a slower pace than the Tink Claws, so please understand that it may take a few days after our crews have picked up leaves in the first wave with the Tink Claws before the street sweeper catches up.  Even though the process requires two waves of equipment to come by a street to fully pick up all the leaves, we’re finding out that the overall process is MUCH faster than using the old leaf vacuums.  So again, please help us out and put your leaves in the street along the curb and understand that we’ll pick up all the leaves in the street, but it will be in two waves with different pieces of equipment to fully clean up the street.  If you have any questions please all our Public Works Department at 982-8503.  Thank you!