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A RESIDENT is any person who lives within the Corporate City Limits of New London.  This is not to be confused with being a New London Area School District resident.  City and School boundaries are not the same.


A NON-RESIDENT is anyone who does NOT RESIDE within the Corporate City Limits of New London.  (Hortonville, Readfield, Dale, Royalton, etc., or if your address starts with a Letter and ends with New London you are NOT within the city limits of New London).


Example of Non-Resident
W1234 Swim Road

New London, WI 54961


Parent and Child Aquatics 

(6mos.- 3yrs) Introduces your child to swimming in a fun & safe manner.  Teaches parents the proper handling techniques.



Pre Aquatics 

(3-5yrs) This class works on water adjustment.  It is a good starting place for 3-5 yr olds that are new to the water.  Students learn basic swimming skills (front & back crawl arms & kicks) and safety skills.



Level 1 

(5yrs and older) Students learn basic swimming skills (front & back crawl arms & kicks).  Students start to learn breath control & how to combine arm strokes & kicks. Front and back glides and safety skills are also covered.



Level 2 

(5yrs & older or test out of Level 1)  Students become comfortable with front & back floats without support for 10 seconds.  Front and back glides are reviewed.  Introcuded are the elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke and rotary breathing.  Additional safety skills are taught.



Level 3 

(5yrs & older or tested out of Level 2)  Students work on rhythmic breathing, adding distance to the front & back crawl and sidestroke for 15 yards.  Progression in the other five strokes is also made.  Deep water treading and diving are introduced along with new safety skills.



Level 4 

(5yrs & older or tested out of Level 3)  Students work on building endurance for the front & back crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke.  Introduced are the butterfly kick, advanced dives, and aquatic survival skills.



Level 5 

(6yrs & older or tested out of Level 4) Students work on refining their strokes and open turns and flip turns.  They add the upper body component to the butterfly and move their diving skills to the diving board.  Advanced survival skills are covered.



Level 6 

(6yrs & older or tested out of Level 5)  Students aim on conditioning, continue stroke refinement with a goal of swimming 300 yards continuously, and learn advanced diving skills on the diving board.  Water and boating safety skills are discussed.


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