Updated 2-12-14

As you may have seen on the news, the extreme cold this winter has been causing extreme problems with frozen water services.  This is due to the frost being extremely deep in areas not covered by snow.   

The New London Utilities has issued an Emergency Water Run notice for the area within the borders listed below.  Please know at this time it is NOT City wide, but additional areas may be added.  

First location - North border - Beacon Ave; South border - Martin St; West border - Wyman St; East border - Division St.; either side of the roads  

Second location - North border - Beacon Ave; South border - Douglas St; West border - Division St; East border Mill St.  This location also include: Washington St and Bruce from Mill to the east end; either side of the roads    

Third location - North border - Waupaca St; South border North Water St; West border - Shawano St; East border Pearl St.; either side of the roads  


Fourth location - Dickinson St from Beacon Ave to Pine St.; either side of the road  

If your home is located in one of these areas you are asked to run a continuous pencil lead stream of water from a cold water faucet somewhere in your home.  You will need to run your water from now until the New London Utilities notifies you to stop.  Do NOT shut off your water during this emergency, even turning it off for a few minutes can result in a frozen service.  You could end up running water until late March or April, depending on when the frost is out.   

Click here to view notice/maps  

If you have questions contact the New London Utilities at 920-982-8516





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