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Building Permit

The City regulate all aspects of construction, both residential and commercial, within its boundary. 

Building Permits are required for all new construction and alterations of existing structures, whether they are residential, commercial or manufacturing. This would include, but not limited to

1. New homes or additions to existing homes;

2. Remodeling projects;

3. Installation or replacement of furnaces and central air conditioning;

4. Installation of new plumbing or alterations to existing plumbing – includes replacement of water heaters;

5. Installation of electrical wiring – including replacement of electrical meter sockets and service panels

6. Detached garages and storage buildings;

7. Fences;

8. Swimming pools

Building Permits ensure the work you are doing or having done, is in compliance with current Wisconsin Building Codes. Work started without a Building Permit can be assessed a double fee and the work will be ordered to redone if not compliant.   

Permit for NEW 1 & 2 Family Dwellings (effective 2-15-17)
Other Building Permits
Sample Site Plan
Building Cross Section Form

For more information on if your project requires a Building Permit, contact the Building Inspector at