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Welcome to the official web site of the City of New London - a community since 1851.  New London is a community of over 7,300 citizens.  The Mayor enjoys visiting with the citizens of New London; he welcomes your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to contact him with any concerns you might have.  New London is abundant in resources from recreational opportunities, businesses, industry and educational institutions and we like to say "We've got it!!

   Term Expires: 
 Gary Henke  2020
  405 E. Wolf River Avenue  
 Office:  920-982-8500 Ext. 103  Mayor Henke has office hours at City Hall on Tuesday mornings from 8 a.m. to 9: am
 Home:  920-982-2768

    City Council 
 District   Alderperson  Boards, Commissions and Committees  Term Expires 
 1st District      
     Robert Besaw    2021
     210 E. Pine Street Board of Public Works (VC), Board of Review, Parks, Recreation & Leisure Activities (C),   
     Phone:   920-982-5197  
     John Faucher    2020
    1204 W. Wolf River Avenue Finance & Personnel (VC), Board of Review alternate,  Parks, Recreation & Leisure Activities, Economic Development,    
     Phone:  920-538-0007  
 2nd District      
     Tom O'Connell    2021
     313 W. Minerva St. Finance & Personnel,   
     Phone:  920-982-3266  
     Fred Zaug    2020
     1501 Pershing Rd. Finance & Personnel, Economic Development (VC)  
     Phone:  920-205-4894  

 3rd District       
     Lori Dean    2021
     1006 Mill St Parks, Recreation & Leisure Activities, Board of Public Works  
     Phone:  920-982-7939  
     Mike Barrington   2020
     414 E. Washington St. Finance & Personnel, Board of Public Works (C),  Board of Review (alternate)    
     Phone: 920-982-3381  

4th District       
     Mike Pinch   2021
     1512 Orchard Ct Board of Public Works, Economic Development  
     Phone:  920-851-3152  
     Ron Steinhorst   2020
     805 W. Cook Street Planning Commission (C), Economic Development, Library & Museum Board (VC), Parks, Recreation & Leisure (VC)    
     Phone:  920-982-3128  

5th District      
     David Morack   2021
     612 W. North Water St. Council President, Finance & Personnel (C), Revolving Loan Fund Review Board (C), Board of Review,  Economic Development (C),   
     Phone:  920-982-7774  
     Dennis Herter   2020
     PO Box 416 Parks, Recreation & Leisure, Board of Review, Board of Public Works     
     Phone:  920-982-5585