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COVID-19 Update: In-person events at the museum have been postponed.

Free Take-n-Make Craft Kits, we supply the stuff for you to make a craft at home

Hawk window decalApril 19-24   Migratory Bird Day & Earth Day Craft Kit (while supplies last)

      For birds, glass windows are worse than invisible. Windows often reflect foliage or sky. These reflections appear to the birds as a place they can fly into or through. Sadly, when a bird hits a window it often dies, even when it is only temporarily stunned and manages to fly away. Many times the bird dies later from internal bleeding or bruising, especially on the brain.
      The good news is that you can help reduce the danger your home’s windows pose to birds with some simple remedies. First identify dangerous windows at your house. Go outside and look at your windows from a bird’s point of view. If you see branches, plants, or sky reflected in or visible through the glass, that’s what the birds will see, too. Once you’ve identified dangerous windows you can put up decals or other things to make the window “visible” to birds. Our craft kit celebrating World Migratory Bird Day and Earth Day is a good start.
The craft kit is free and includes:

  • A Hawk Stencil
  • Vinyl Cling material
  • Instructions

You will need scissors and permanent markers to decorate your decals
Make an appointment today to pick up your kit 

June 8-August 3  Each Tuesday we will offer a different "Put the FUN in FUNctional" Craft Kit
More information coming soon!