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Apartments / Landlords

Here is the current listing of apartments and their landlords.

Here is a guide for Landlords & Tenants

Notice to tenants - 



The provisions of this section shall govern the minimum conditions of property, buildings and structure.  Every building or structure occupied by, used by humans or intended to be used by humans, and all accessory structures and the premises on which it stands, shall comply with the conditions prescribed in this section wherever applicable.

(1) Exterior property area.  No person, shall use, occupy, own or permit use of any structure or premises that does not comply with the following requirements.  Any such violation is considered a nuisance.  The Building Inspector / Housing Inspector shall cause inspections to be made of all premises, as necessary,  to secure compliance with the section, and may cause the abatement of the nuisance under the provisions of this chapter or chapter 10 of this Code.

(B)  Sanitation. (Amd. Ord. #1257)  All exterior property areas shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition free from any accumulation of rubbish, garbage or debris.  It shall be the responsibility of the owner to provide garbage pickup for all rental properties.

Please feel free to read Chapter 15 for other information.