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Municipal Warrants

If you have a WRIT warrant:
You have either defaulted by failure to appear or have not made a timely payment of your fine.  At this time your forfeiture(s) must be paid in full (including restitution).  Payment plans are NOT an option at this time.  If you are arrested and cannot pay the full amount you will be taken to jail. 

Click here to view the active WRIT warrants for the New London – Weyauwega Municipal Court 

If you have an Ordinance warrant:
Your citation was originally mailed.  In efforts to ensure that you received proper notification an ordinance warrant has been issued.  It simply means that an officer (or police department personnel) must personally serve your citation documents.  If your name appears on this list, please go to the New London or Weyauwega Police Department and pick up your documents.  Shortly thereafter you will be notified of a court date for completion of the process. 

Click here to view the active Ordinance warrants for the New London – Weyauwega Municipal Court 

Please note that you can be arrested or served an active warrant at your home address, work, school, while you are out in the community or in the process of any routine interaction with ANY police department.